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A print advert from the 1960s

The name Mrs Elswood is actually a combination of two areas where the founders grew up; Elstree and St John’s Wood.”

Mrs Elswood has a strong Jewish heritage from its roots to the current day. The recipes of all Mrs Elswood products, new and old, are KLBD certified, one of the strictest Kosher certifications. We also only use recipes that have been passed down through generations.  

Early Mrs Elswood Packaging.

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If you were to stack all the Mrs Elswood jars sold in a day on top of each other it would measure at the same height as almost 10 Gherkin Buildings! That's over 13,500 jars sold every day! 

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Mrs Elswood


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The story of the UK's Number 1 Pickled Cucumber started over 70 years ago - Where our first pickles were brought into the UK from the Netherlands on a bi-plane!

The first pickled cucumbers were packed into wood barrels before being jarred. Nowadays the cucumbers are picked, packed and pickled directly into the jar, straight after harvest, to retain the freshness and crunch when first picked off the vine.

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