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There are many special things about Mrs Elswood gherkins.  From our vegetables, which are grown under the summer sun before being hand-picked, to our unique pickling process where cucumbers are pickled directly in the jars for that well-loved crunch.  Mrs Elswood gherkins have been made this way for 75 years, and quite probably, will be made this way for the next 75.

Kosher      Vegan      Gluten-Free

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Mrs Elswood is the UK's favourite branded gherkin!*  

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However you like it, we have a gherkin for you!

*Kantar 2023


The gherkin season typically starts in April when the days begin to warm up and our dedicated cucumber growers can start sowing seeds in rich, healthy soil.

All Mrs Elswood cucumbers are grown on sun-drenched fields, not in hothouses, allowing them to naturally develop and absorb as many nutrients and as much sunlight as possible.

Around 2 months later, and only when the cucumbers have grown to the perfect size, do we hand-pick them to reduce damage to the cucumber and the plant.

Once picked, we pack Mrs Elswood gherkins into jars containing our special brine, where they maintain their crunch and naturally start to adopt the Mrs Elswood taste.

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All of this to create that familiar crunchy tasty perfection - every time you open a Mrs Elswood jar!

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