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Pickle Fizz

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


4-6 Servings



About the Recipe

The Mrs Elswood twist on the classic party cocktail, Bucks Fizz!


  • Mrs Elswood Speared gherkins

  • Champagne or Prosecco - we went with a dry Champagne to balance the sweet spears!​


  • Chopped Mrs Elswood Speared Gherkins

  • Mrs Elswood Burger Gherkins

  • Bamboo Cocktail Sticks


  1. Just like a classic Bucks Fizz, we are doing a 50/50 ratio of Champagne to Pickle Juice. You can pour directly into a glass for smaller numbers but for larger groups, you can use a pitcher to help pour.​

  2. ​Serve a burger gherkin on the rim and some chopped spears on a cocktail stick!

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