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The Air-Fryer Bagel

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

20 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

Getting together to enjoy Mrs Elswood doesn't have to mean catering all at once for every single relation, from second cousins down to family pets twice removed.

It can be low-key, stress-free; as simple as that familiar, go-to dish that's never once let you down. And what's more familiar, simple and reliable than the humble bagel?

This Air Fryer Bagel is truly incredible - try it and love it!


  • 2 Bagels

  • 100g Pastrami

  • Yellow Mustard - like French's

  • 4 Cheddar Cheese Slices

  • Mrs Elswood Burger Gherkins


  1. Assemble sandwich by squeezing a good amount of mustard on the bottom half of the bagel. Place the pastrami, cheese slices and pickles on top of the mustard and top with the other half of the bagel.

  2. Pop in a preheated air fryer (180°C), until the cheese is melted and the bagel is toasted. We did this for 8 minutes turning half way though with tongs. Your air fryer may vary in temperature, so make sure to check it doesn't burn.

  3. Enjoy!

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